23x10.50-12 4P Deestone Super Lugs D405 (2 tires)

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DS5245 1176
44.00 LBS
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SPECIAL NOTE:  It is highly recommended to buy lawn and garden tires in pairs.  Each manufacture builds there tires to different specifications so trying to match up a tire by crossing brands is next to impossible.  The price you see is the price for 2 tires.

Tire Size:  23x10.50-12
Model: D405
Ply Rating:  4
Recommended Rim: 12x8.50
Overall Diameter (inch): 23.30
Section Width (inch): 9.60
Max Load (lbs): 1340
Inflation Pressure (PSI):  20
Approx Tread Depth 32nds (inch):  16

The narrower tire is preferred when digging and pulling is needed.  The wider tire is more for flotation and will provide traction on soft ground.