About Us

Thank you for your interest in Greater Cleveland Tire.  We have great products at very competitive prices.  We don't just sell tires, we sell customer service.  Without great customer service, we would be just like everyone else.  Greater Cleveland Tire has been in business since 1988.  We have had a presents on the internet for 16 years.  Unlike many sellers on-line, we stock our own inventory. This helps us manage quality control.  It is impossible to control the quality of a product being shipped if we never see it.  Too many businesses on line drop ship there products.  Beware of a company that claims to have locations throughout the United States.  Usually when a seller on line tells you they have distribution centers in several states, they most like are drop shippers. 

Please feel free to contact us at our email address of sales@greaterclevelandtire.com.  This is usually the best way to reach us for your initial contact.  We are a family business that employs 10 people.  We are all hands on in every aspect of the order.  Being able to give every customer the attention they need is important to us and that is why we prefer emails first.  If you absolutely need to make contact by phone, please text me at 216-374-3580. 

We look forward to filling your tire needs.

Have a wonderful day!